5 Moments When George Strait Demonstrated The Best Way To Take Care of Women

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Credit: UMG Nashville
Credit: UMG Nashville

Out of all the country music artists who have reached the top of the charts in the last few years, no one can compare to the man called ‘The King of Country.’ George Strait has captured the hearts and souls of fans all over.

A genuine cowboy and a respectable man, George Strait has been singing songs about love – the great, the not so great, and the just about anything – for longer than 40 years, earning him a specialist status on the subject.

Probably the most forgotten element of love, however, is how a man should take care of a woman. Strait’s songs don’t shy away from the subject at all. Rather, his music welcomes it with arms wide open.

With about 60 #1 singles, there are tons of excellent songs you could choose from when putting together a list of this nature – so we’ve taken the liberty of simplifying it all for you!

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“Check Yes Or No”

George narrates the story of young love in this chart-topping work of art about caring for women as though they are princesses and a respected part of your life.

“Love Bug”

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Initially released to the charts by the legendary star George Jones (featuring Johnny Paycheck), this song addresses the thrilled “honeymoon phase,” when the two lovers have caught that wily “love bug.”

Now ain’t that how we want it to be at all times? Well, Strait relishes in the elegance and mystery that is certainly a part of that stage in every relationship, but taking pleasure in the time you’ve got with your beloved – regardless of the phase of a relationship – is the real idea here.


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