A Father and Daughter Dance to George Strait on This Very Special Prom Night

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Texas teen, Mallory Corley, was born with a genetic disorder known as Rett Syndrome. This uncommon disease made her unable to speak or walk without assistance. Although she needs a wheelchair to move around, Mallory is still just a regular girl. She gets excited about special events like proms, just like any other teenager.

Thanks to a prom night for disabled teens, which was organised by the local No Limitations Athletics ministry, Mallory managed to enjoy a wonderful night of elegance and music. The father-daughter dance seemed to be the crown jewel of the evening. Her father, Randal, shared this very special occasion with Mallory and revealed to the whole world just how strong a dad’s love could be.

Because Mallory was not able to dance on her own, Randal picked his daughter up and brought her to the dance floor. He held her in his arms as they danced along to George Strait’s “Carrying Your Love With Me.” This heartwarming video was first shared on Facebook, and has been taking over the internet since then!

Take a look at this lovely moment and tell us your thoughts in the comments section. Also, give a shout out to all the awesome Dads out there!

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