A Lookback At The Moment When George Strait Performed This Impressive Round Of Hits During The 38th Annual ACM Awards

We enjoyed each of the song!

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Way back in 2003, George Strait already had a ton of hit songs.

And so, when he presented his fans with a sample of five chart-toppers during the 38th annual ACM Awards, those folks were in for an actual treat.

Presented by the renowned Reba McEntire, George started by charming the crowd with the toe-tapping chorus of “Write This Down” – a song that talks about a companion who has left, but who is advised to take a note with them as a frequent reminder that they’ll always be treasured.

Dressed in a cowboy hat and tan colored suit jacket, George next segued into the waltz-filled “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind,” before playing the guitar-picked tune, “She’ll Leave You With A Smile.”

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We’re fairly certain the icon got all of the audience beaming throughout his performance.

George then sang two more #1s – “Check Yes Or No” and “The Chair.”

Not only did George rack up sufficient country hits that could very well last a lifetime, but the two-time ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year winner also snagged countless trophies too.

It’s not surprising that they call him “The King of Country.”

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