Amazing 10-Year-Old Astonishes The Crowd At The Grand Ole Opry With ‘Kentucky Waltz’

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Wow! Fiddlin’ Carson Peters is doing really very well!

Let us introduce another piece of country music’s future! This kid is without a doubt going to be a country legend! He isn’t just extremely good with the fiddle, but he also has an awesome voice to match! We really enjoy this little kid, and we’re all looking forward to seeing where his music and fiddle will take him.

Just how extremely lucky is Carson to be featured at the Grand Ole Opry not once… but twice?! His past performance of “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” was simply breathtaking, but his second appearance is just out of this world! Carson sang and played the fiddle to “Kentucky Waltz,” to pay homage to Bill Monroe and what could have been his 103rd birthday.

The tribute was one of a kind, and you better see it! Trust us, you won’t regret watching it!

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And in case you want more, you can check out Bill Monroe’s version below too!


We were waltzing that night in Kentucky
‘Neath the beautiful harvest moon
And I was the boy who was lucky
But it all ended too soon

As I sit here alone in the moonlight
I can see your smiling face
And I long once more for your embrace
In that beautiful Kentucky waltz

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