Artists From George Strait To Toby Keith Join Together For This Once-In-A-Lifetime Country Singalong!

You know it’s a big deal when George Strait sings your songs.

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It has already been more than 50 years since Hank Williams recorded the legendary country tune “Hey Good Lookin’,” and ever since its release on June 22, 1951, almost every artist in every genre has done their own rendition at some point. That actually makes sense, since – even though Hank composed it – it wasn’t actually written specifically for him. It was initially composed for his buddy Little Jimmy Dickens, but Hank eventually decided to cut the song himself.

This is something us country fans will always be grateful for!

However, one of the greatest covers of the legendary song was released during the CMA Awards back in 2004. Music icons like Jimmy Buffet, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney and Clint Black all traded riffs and lyrics on “Hey Good Lookin’.”

It was actually like seeing the Hall of Fame virtually come to life!

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Only very, very few songs are exceptional enough to live on after their creators. “Hey Good Lookin’” is definitely one of them, and this rendition will certainly stand the test of time just as well as the original.

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