Clint Black Impersonates Willie Nelson, And He Sounds Very Much Like Him!

Who would have thought that Clint got a hidden talent for impersonating Willie's one of a kind voice??

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Photo credit: (Left) Chideo/(Right) Willie Nelson Facebook
Photo credit: (Left) Chideo/(Right) Willie Nelson Facebook

Clint Black is a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and an impersonator?

We’ve always known that Black has many musical talents. This is apparent in his many hit songs, like “The Shoes You’re Wearing,” and his intimate duet with his wife Lisa Hartman Black, “When I Said I Do.” But we didn’t have any clue that Black was actually also great at impersonating other super stars.

Black displayed his impersonation skills in a studio interview with Chideo. As it happens, Black is a specialist at impersonating another major country superstar, one whose voice is immediately identifiable to any country music fan.

Beyond a doubt, Willie Nelson has one of the most distinctive voices in music history. Nobody else out there sounds at all like him. Well, that is, apart from Black.

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Black has mastered his impression of Nelson so well that he can sing just about any song in Nelson’s voice. In his interview with Chideo, he began by singing Nelson’s duet with Waylon Jennings, “Good Hearted Woman.” If somebody played the video of Black doing his impression and you were in a different room, you’d definitely think it was Nelson singing.

Then, Black related how he once met a guy behind the scenes who loved his impression of Nelson. As Black was walking out of the venue after his show, a man yelled over the huge audience “Clint, you keep that Willie up!” which got Black laughing.

Black thereafter displayed the real level of his impersonation skills when he sang a James Taylor song as Willie Nelson. And then, Black sang his own hit song, “Killin’ Time,” using Nelson’s voice.

We didn’t have any idea that Black had this hidden talent! Without a doubt, we’re very impressed by how he can make his voice sound so very much like Nelson’s. You can hear for yourself in this clip below.

Try playing this without having your friends see the video, and see if they are also fooled!

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