Dolly Parton Wishes Everyone To Forgive With An Amazing Performance For Jesus Christ

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The moment country icon Dolly Parton went up on the stage during the 1989 CMA Awards, not a soul seemed to be ready to be brought to tears with her track, which was packed with powerful thoughts. The majority, however, found themselves crying right after listening to Don Fransisco’s words magnificently performed by this country legend.

Dolly’s performance of “He’s Alive” was indeed as exceptional as you could expect. The Christ Church choir sang in the background with her and really helped knock back the crowd with a live performance of her latest track.

Initially composed in 1980, Dolly’s rendition earned her a high-ranking place on Billboard’s Top 100 in the country charts as well as won Fransisco two noteworthy Dove Awards.

During an interview with, Dolly revealed that she had always wished to cover the song since the time she first listened to it from a small town’s radio station as she and her hubby went back to Nashville from California.

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“I’ve always wanted to get it done, mainly because it moved me and I had not gotten the chance because I wished to accomplish it with someone who was Christian,” Dolly explained to the site. “You really need to truly feel a little something and then be devoted with it, as well as have faith in it to make it happen…the song really meant a lot to me.”

Once you check out Dolly singing this genuine tale of forgiveness, you will definitely end up crying – just like the crowd at her CMA performance!

Check out this gorgeous record of Dolly’s below!

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