Elvis Presley and His Daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, Performing ‘In The Ghetto’ Will Surely Get Everyone Crying!

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Elvis Presley’s only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, performed with her iconic father in this remastered mash-up of each of the artists’ performances of The King’s classic song “In the Ghetto.”

The video syncs the two’s separate performances to make the two solo performances into a wonderful duet. Each performance is displayed in monochrome, which gives the video a gloomy feeling that serves as a metaphor for both the sad lyrics and the father-daughter connection that never grew.

“People, don’t you understand the child needs a helping hand,” they both sing. “Or he’ll grow to be an angry young man some day.”

Lisa Marie lost her father when she was just 9 years old and had become the only heir to Elvis’ estate following the death of her grandparents. Lisa followed in her father’s footsteps and maintained his legacy when she launched her debut album To Whom It May Concern, which had been certified Gold and hit No.5 on Billboard 200 Albums charts.

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You can see the moving collaboration of one of the most celebrated father-daughter pairs in the video below.

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