Elvis Presley’s Stunning Performance Of ‘America The Beautiful’ Will Likely Have All Of You Singing Along!

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Caution: this version of “America The Beautiful” is absolutely wonderful, and we’re confident that you’ll all get goosebumps!

In 1975, Elvis Presley recorded an impressive version of the patriotic tune, “America The Beautiful”, and whoa, we’re thankful that he did! Of all of the covers of this timeless song, we will have to say that this one may possibly be the best! It is King Elvis, after all!

Can you think of anyone better than Elvis to sing lines like,

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Told you! We can’t either! Elvis, you have done it all over again!

Watch¬†the video below and listen to Elvis’ version of the classic, “America The Beautiful.” Believe us, you’re going to be really happy that you did!

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