Friend Surprises Nurse At The Hospital, But You Won’t Believe With What…

This Man Surprises His Friend Who Is In Need, With A Gift Of A Kidney

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Whenever you think about your good friends, a lot of things spring to mind. How boring life might be if you hadn’t met them, the way they cause you to have a good laugh and smile when you need it the most, or just how they are always there to help you in any circumstance.

Maybe you might even think about the question – what can I do for them in return?

For 24-year-old Graham McMillan, the obvious answer was: there is absolutely no limit to what I can do for my best friends. So, when his friend Danny Kolzow, a 23-year-old nurse at Baylor All Saints in Fort Worth, TX, discovered that he needed a kidney, McMillan didn’t think twice about finding out whether he could donate one of his.

As it turned out, he was a perfect match!

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So, he got the idea of surprising his friend with the great news, and managed it in the most amazing way.

In this heartwarming video, McMillan goes into the hospital where Kolzow works. He brings balloons and a sign that says, “Heard urine need of a kidney, want mine?” It looks like the young man is quite the joker!

As soon as Kolzow spots him, he can’t help but cry. He can hardly believe his good luck. Not only will he be getting a kidney, but he appreciates the fact that he has a great friend who will stick by his side no matter what life throws at him. The gift of life and the gift of friendship are both treasures that can’t be bought with money!

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