George Jones’ Last Performance Of ‘He Stopped Loving Her’ Will Certainly Tear You Apart

At 81 years old, the country superstar presented an amazing performance in what could well be his very last...

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Attaining over 150 chart toppers throughout his six-decade-long career, among the list of artists who transformed the basis of country music, George Jones went up on the stage for a performance that would certainly be one to remember…

Known as “The Possum”, Jones became a man with a very famous story respected by thousands of fans. He was basically an exceptionally gifted performer, songwriter, and musician.

Throughout the years, Jones’ singing style and voice were easy to recognize, and this became even more true with his spectacular 1980 mega-hit, “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” Jones attained No. 1 with the single that very same year and it would continue to be his trademark song, not to mention that it got him such a staggering amount of awards.

In March 2012, the iconic country legend had been hospitalized because of a respiratory illness. A few months later, the illness returned and he had to be hospitalized again. After these hospital stays, the singer announced a farewell tour, with a final tour date of November 22, 2013.

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Sadly, Jones couldn’t pull through the last stop of the tour. In April 2013, he had been heading along on his tour and stopped in Knoxville for a performance at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum.


It turned out that that was when Jones would perform his very last performance to the tons of attending supporters. During this performance, he would deliver his final rendition of the hit song that ended up saving his career.

His performance throughout the concert has come to be known by supporters as, “a heroic show” and also “a testimony to the man’s passion for his fans and his music”.

On April 18th, 2013, just 12 days later, Jones had been checked in to the hospital once again for just a minor fever as well as unusual blood pressure. All of his remaining concerts had been delayed because of his overall health, and also the musician remained in the hospital for many more days.

During the early hours of April 26th, 2013, the legendary country icon a lot of us grew up listening to, died due to respiratory complications.

Here is a video of the late musician presenting fans at the Knoxville concert with a performance you’ll never forget, along with his most significant song “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”

Even if Jones isn’t with us any longer, his musical legacy continues to live on in the blood of country music, and his trademark song re-entered the country charts soon after his passing, reaching the Top 20.

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