Loretta Lynn and Her Talented Son, Ernest Ray Lynn, Perform ‘Message From Jesus’

From this moving performance, Loretta Lynn and her charming son, Ernest Ray Lynn are performing "Message From Jesus", and it's simply breathtaking!

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This earlier performance of the gospel number “Message From Jesus” by country music icon Loretta Lynn and her last living son, Ernest Ray Lynn, just resonated with everyone who continues to show gratitude for their beliefs.

Lynn, sporting a fabulous gold-studded, aquamarine ballgown, was escorted by a sharply dressed Ernest Ray, who wowed the audience with his genuine southern vocals that emitted a classic, country vibe.

The sentimentally driven performance has become a widely-referenced performance due to the raw talent and thoughtful show of love between a mother and her son.

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Ernest Ray isn’t the only child of Lynn’s to have pursued a musical career. Her twin daughters have also seen success, as well as her grandchildren.

It’s pretty obvious that the musical gene is notable in the Lynn family!

Make sure you watch the moving duet of this talented mother and son!

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