Loretta Lynn Went Up On Stage With Conway’s Son And The Outcome Is An Absolute Wonder!

On a spectacular event at her longtime ranch, the son of an icon and his father's cherished duet partner had taken the stage by storm!

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Loretta Lynn Performed With Conway's Son f
YouTube/Linda Kreuser

Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn were probably one of the most noteworthy duet pairs in country music history. Each one of their singles hit the top spot in every Top 10 chart, and they grew to become an absolute powerhouse duo that took the industry by storm.

Today, almost 30 years after their last single came out, Loretta Lynn and Conway’s son, Michael Twitty, are paying tribute to his late father and her cherished friend with a number of songs that’ll take you all back to those glorious days!

At Loretta’s famous Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, the two blew their guests away with a number of hits from the years when Conway and Loretta were taking over the country charts.

One thing was for sure – this iconic Remembering Conway Twitty event could not end without Loretta and Michael performing the most remarkable of the famous duet’s hits: “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.”

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In this marvelous performance, Loretta was seated in a chair at the center of the stage, and Michael lovingly takes hold of her hand as if he’s serenading her.

This moment between these two who are related in an incredible way is really a thing to see!

Check out their whole performance below!

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