Oh Man! Somebody Stumbled Upon a VHS Recording of George Strait Straight from 1984!

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Music was absolutely not easy to get access to 30 years back. If you wanted to listen to your favorite artists, your only hope was that they would play on the radio once in a while. If there was a music store close by, you’d have to pray to God that you’d get lucky and find a record or cassette that you loved. MTV was at its beginnings back then, and there were hardly any country musicians to speak of on the channel anyhow.

However, there was always “Austin City Limits” on PBS. The show showcased awesome country music hits and artists, as well as rising stars. One particular feature in 1984 was a baby-faced 32-year-old artist from Texas, known as George Strait.

This vintage video of his trademark piece, “Amarillo By Morning,” was performed so well that to this day, it still keeps up as a timeless classic. Even though George has slipped on a couple of years since this show aired, we think he has become far better as time passed. He certainly continued to make awesome music time and time again.

Take a look and tell us what you think of this great find in the comments below:

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