Rare Video: Conway Twitty Switches on His Charm in this Breathtaking Performance of ‘Slow Hand’

Conway was recognized for performing songs that could make every country girls feel a lttle bit weak in their knees, and "Slow Hand" was definitely one of them.

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Even though Conway Twitty is among the most famous country artists of all time, there aren’t many live recordings to remember him by. This is exactly why – whenever fans stumble upon a recording of one of Twitty’s many performances – it’s comparable to discovering a lost jewel.

Recognized for performing songs that could make any country girl feel weak at the knees, Twitty captivated his way to the top of the charts with a breathtaking song in 1982. Although it was actually recorded by The Pointer Sisters the year before, Twitty made “Slow Hand” his own.

Similar to his earlier hit “I’d Love to Lay You Down,” Twitty’s rendition of “Slow Hand” is an alluring and somewhat sexy tune. With lines like “You’ve got a man with a slow hand/You’ve got a lover with an easy touch,” this song got a lot of women’s hearts to skip a beat.

In 1983, Twitty went up on stage to sing the song live, and that performance was among the few to ever be recorded. Thank heavens that it was, because it clearly shows Twitty’s enormous talent as a singer, narrator, and crowd-pleaser.

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Twitty switched on his charm in this breathtaking performance. He can be seen beaming at and gesturing towards the audience. His smooth voice traveled through the words of ‘Slow Hand,’ enchanting everybody in the room.

No doubt you’ll also be captivated by Twitty in this recording of one of his classic songs. Watch it for yourself in the clip below.

For sure, there will never be a singer as charming as Twitty! Don’t forget to share this to everyone!

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