Reba McEntire Does a Live Performance of Dolly Parton Classic in the Middle of Cracker Barrel’s Warehouse

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It’s quite amazing to think that Reba McEntire has been in the music industry for more than 40 years now. However, it really doesn’t matter how many times you’ve listened to her voice, she in some way just manages to make her song sound appealing – all new and fresh.

A genuine musician, regarded as one of the most remarkably well-respected women of country music, is joining up with one of the most well-loved country-style restaurants: the Cracker Barrel!

Although Christmas is still a few months away, Reba has created an exclusive gospel and Christmas-style song that Cracker Barrel begged her to sell in their fun entrance stores. To commemorate this occasion, Reba and her band made a decision to do a little performance live on Facebook, while they were inside the Cracker Barrel’s warehouse!

Even though her first song is absolutely spectacular, it’s incredible to listen to her singing the Dolly Parton Best Little Whorehouse in Texas classic song, “Hard Candy Christmas.”

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Reba is surely as amusing as always, and although it’s already been 40 years, one thing tells us that Reba will probably be around for the next 40: she’s dazzling everyone and performing several of the most beautiful country songs that there is!

Even if Christmas is a still a few months away, it will surely arrive faster than anyone would assume. Tell us what you think of this performance in the comments section. Is a Reba McEntire gospel/Christmas album something you’d be interested in?

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