Roy Clark & Buck Trent Rip Up The Stage With An Unbelievable ‘Dueling Banjos’ Showdown

In an outstanding occasion on "Hee Haw," Roy and Buck challenged each other in a supreme banjo-playing "battle."

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Throughout his 66-year career, Roy Clark has gained a reputation for being one of the most gifted and revered banjo players in the world. Thousands have seen him show off his skills during his time as the host of the well-known TV program, Hee Haw, which aired between 1969 and 1993.

But Clark is not a one-trick man – he can also play the classical guitar and lots of other instruments. That being said, the banjo continues to be the instrument he’s famous for. Because of his talent as a musician, Clark has long been acknowledged for his ability to affect numerous generations of bluegrass and country music performers.

In an exceptional occasion on Hee Haw, Clark had a showdown with one of his constant collaborators and fellow banjo player – Buck Trent. The dueling duo performed “Dueling Banjos”, much to the delight of the audience. Originally composed by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith in 1955, “Dueling Banjos” acquired some widespread recognition right after it had been recorded for the 1972 film, Deliverance.

In the “face-off”, Clark and Trent start out taking turns playing identical short rhythms. As soon as the song advances, though, the rhythms increase in length and eventually Clark and Trent end up playing their very own, exceptional solos.

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By the end, the two gifted pickers eventually join together to play a single, brilliant tune.They definitely produced a rejuvenated, toe-tapping sound along the way. Even though the two of them had been battling against each other, we can’t help but proclaim both of them as the Banjo champions!

You can watch Clark and Trent’s “Dueling Banjos” showdown in the video below.

When you’re thinking of country music, nothing can beat enjoying a well-played banjo!

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