She Started Singing “Ring Of Fire” By Johnny Cash… And As Soon As Her Little Sister Joined Her, I Was SOLD!

As Soon As Her Little Sister Sing With Her, Its Magical!

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You may perhaps recall Lennon Ray Louise Stella and Maisy Jude Marion Stella because of their roles in the ABC musical drama show “Nashville” as Maddie and Daphne Conrad. However, these siblings soared high because of their remarkable music skills. This particular duo, otherwise known as “Lennon & Maisy”, has captured the entire world with their talent. The video below highlights just one of their stunning acts at the Grand Ole Opry.

Lennon & Maisy sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” onstage. Their version of this old classic record is not like anything you’ve heard before. Neither of the two has gotten any kind of professional training, either vocally or instrumentally, despite coming from a musical household. You certainly will be impressed once you see this exceptional performance!

Check out this glorious rendition below and tell us if you adored it in our comments section!

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