This Lad From Paris Might Possibly Have The Greatest Elvis Impression We’ve Ever Seen!

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When Elvis Presley got his first record deal in 1944, nobody could rival his unbelievable style. His rockabilly infused songs were inspired by the bests, like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. What made him special, though, was that mysterious something in his repertoire that managed to bridge the rock and roll/mainstream gap.

Presley’s very first RCA single, “Heartbreak Hotel,” premiered in January 1956 and quickly became a #1 hit across the USA. He was considered to be the premier rock and roller, following a number of successful network television shows and chart-topping songs.

One of these songs, “Tryin’ to Get to You,” was written much earlier by Rose Marie McCoy and Charles Singleton. Washington DC vocal group, The Eagles, recorded and released it in mid-1954. However, Elvis tackled the melodic work of art the next year, and came out with his first record: “Elvis Presley.”

Fast-forward 60 years and we get to see this young boy named Raffi Antonyan, who may be King Elvis born-again. Raffi, or Rockin Raffi Antonyan as he’s widely known, performed an impressive version of “Tryin’ to Get to You.” He dedicated the song to a Miss Deborah Hamilton as a gift for her birthday.

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Check out the video below as this young boy does the King of Rock and Roll justice! We’re pretty sure that King Elvis approves of this.

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