This video of Johnny Cash impersonating Elvis Presley is something you don’t want to miss!

Johnny Cash’s humor is so on point! LOL!

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It’s difficult to decide what to love more about this video: Johnny Cash or Johnny Cash performing his finest Elvis impersonation.

To start with, monochrome videos make all of us feel great. The ‘Silver Screen’ era was a less complicated period that often strikes nostalgia into those who were there – and even those who were not. This was also the time of the infamous Cash, who was only an aspiring 27-year-old country music artist way back in 1959. During this period, he was just beginning to revel in the achievements of number one songs like “I Walk the Line,” “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town,” and “There You Go.”

During the occasion filmed below, Cash’s spontaneity was so on point that he tried his very own impersonation of The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. “We received a request tonight to perform an impersonation of a rock ‘n roll singer,” he explained to the audience, which had a good share of screaming fan girls. “Now, I’ll tell ya – this is an impersonation of a rock ‘n roll singer impersonating Elvis, is what this really is.”

With a shake of the hips and a comb down of the hair, Cash began to rip into the starting lines of Elvis’s massive hit “Heartbreak Hotel.” Watch and enjoy below:

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